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Randy and Evi Quaid: Are They Welcome in Canada?

Randy and Evi Quaid Wanted Out of Canada,
Randy and Eve Quaid (Mug Shots)

VANCOUVER (CBS/AP) Even though Randy Quaid is singing Canada's praises for allowing him and his wife Evi Quaid to seek refuge in their country, Canada and its immigration officials may want the odd couple back on the other side of the border as soon as possible.

The Quaids, who failed to appear in a California courtroom for various charges, were arrested in Vancouver last Wednesday and are scheduled to appear before a Canadian tribunal on Thursday in order to plead their case to say in the country, reports E! News.

"I love Canada," Randy Quaid reportedly told an adjudicator. "It's been a very welcoming nation to me. I would not do anything to besmirch my reputation."

Despite their outstanding warrants and bizarre behavior, the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada decided that the Quaids could stay if they posted their $10,000 bail each and promised to appear for their next hearing Oct. 28.

The Quaids have posted bail, but, according to The Associated Press, the Quaids remain in a Canadian jail. Canada Border Services Agency spokeswoman Shakila Manzoor told The Associated Press on Tuesday that the Quaids remain in detention but could not disclose further details.

If and when the Quaids leave jail, will they get to stay in Canada?

"The Canadian Border Services Agency, which is like your Homeland Security, believe the Quaids are not admissible to Canada. Possible reasons could be criminality outside of Canada or giving misinformation at the port of entry. If the BSA wins their case, they will get a removal order," Melissa Anderson, a spokeswoman for the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada, told E! News.

Anderson went on and explained further saying that the Quaids could face the option of never being allowed in Canada again, reports E! News.

As for the couple's legal problems back in the United States, Santa Barbara District Attorney Joyce Dudley tells E! News that she "is in close and continuing contact with Canadian authorities concerning the legal status of Randy and Evi Quaid...We will continue to cooperate with Canadian authorities in their inquiry."

"This office will defer any decision on possible extradition or further actions until the Canadian proceedings are concluded."

The Quaids have caused quite a stir this year, allegedly defrauding an innkeeper of more than $10,000 (those charges were largely dropped). The Quaids were arrested last Thursday in Vancouver, British Columbia, on U.S. warrants related to vandalism charges.