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Rand Paul's College Society Mocked Christianity

Republican Senate candidate Rand Paul appears with his father, U.S. Rep. Ron Paul, during a campaign event on Oct. 2, 2010. AP Photo/Ed Reinke

Rand Paul is facing more potentially damaging allegations regarding his involvement in a collegiate "secret society" at Baylor University, according to Politico, which is reporting that Paul's NoZe Brotherhood published a newsletter with a "specifically anti-Christian tone."

The Kentucky Republican came under fire over the summer when GQ published an account of his involvement in the brotherhood, which allegedly involved "kidnapping" a classmate and forcing her to worship the god "Aqua Buddha."

But the brotherhood appears to have had an anti-Christian bent as well: NoZe was banned from Baylor two years before Paul's arrival due to "sacrilege," Politico reports. At the time, the university president told a student newspaper that the group "had 'made fun of not only the Baptist religion, but Christianity and Christ.'"

William John Green, a NoZe brother of Paul, told Politico he couldn't remember to what extent the Kentucky Republican contributed to the Christian-mocking efforts. He said of Paul: "Randy smoked pot, he made fun of Baptists," and "none of us ever heard him pontificating about religion."

"Fundamentalists didn't join our group," Green added.

Green said that the NoZe Brotherhood's newsletter - entitled "The Rope" - had a "strong subversive anti-Christian strain."

Indeed, Politico points to several instances of Christian-themed mockery within the publication, in the form of articles such as "Fishy Bibles," "I was a teenage savior," and "Rapture!!! Still Here?"

A spokesperson for Paul discounted the allegations as "thirty-year-old college articles that aren't even attributed to Rand," according to Politico.

"[Democrats] must know how badly Jack Conway's liberal agenda of Obamacare, Government bailouts and tax hikes are playing in Kentucky and are getting truly desperate," the spokesman, Jesse Benton, said.

Polls suggest that Paul, a practicing Christian and the son of Texas Rep. Rand Paul, currently holds a slight edge in the race against Democrat Jack Conway.

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