Raised on Rodriguez in South Africa

60 Minutes producer Michael Gavshon grew up in South Africa, where Rodriguez' songs were "the anthem to a generation"

For 60 Minutes producer Michael Gavshon, the story of Detroit singer-songwriter Rodriguez was more than just an assignment. Gavshon grew up in South Africa, where Rodriguez was bigger than The Beatles and Elvis Presley.

"The whole 'Cold Fact' album was ingrained, burnt into our consciousness," Gavshon told Overtime. "We knew every word."

In the 1970s, while South African teenagers were obsessed with Rodriguez' album, American audiences had no idea that he existed.

"I feel the music's still good 40 years later," says Gavshon. "We played his songs around the office, for people who had absolutely no connection with them 40 years ago, and they can't believe that they've missed this for so long."