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Radovan Karadzic Was Found

This column was written by CBS News Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith.

In the early nineties Bosnia was blowing apart. Muslims and Christians, Orthodox and Catholic, couldn't kill each other fast enough.

In downtown Sarajevo there are containers, the kind they load on ships and flat bed trucks stood stacked on street corners, giving local residents places to hide from the constant sniper fire.

I followed a U.N. delegation there on a fact finding mission. One of their goals was to get to Srebrenica. It was rumored that thousands of Bosnian men and boys had been murdered there, the first act of genocide in Europe since the end of World War Two… a crime for which Radovan Karadzic along with the horrible Radko Mladic is to blame.

When Yugoslavia was splintering after Tito's death, Karadzic was quick to exploit race as a means of cementing political power. That Karadzic was found this week masquerading as new age healer, is a small miracle. He'll stand trial. And justice, though many years delayed, will be served.

By Harry Smith

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