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Radical Preacher Openly Calls For Islamic Law To Be Implemented In Britain

Anjem Choudhary, a senior aide for radical Muslim cleric Omar Bakri, appealed to Muslims in Britain and other countries to work on restoring the "caliphate" – a historic system of succession in Islam where all Muslims are ruled by one leader and which was last implemented during the Ottoman Turks. "How long before you rise to establish the Shari'a once more around the world?," said Choudhary, adding that he knew the video of the conference would be passed to the police. "We want the footage to be passed to the police, because our message is a universal one and we will never stop calling for the shari'a (Islamic Law)."

His calls came during an Oct. 2nd conference organized by supporters of Bakri, the Syrian militant Islamist who used to live in the U.K. but currently resides in Lebanon and is banned from returning to Britain. A two-hour video of the conference has been posted on the Internet today.

Bakri addressed the conference, which was held under the title "Rise to Defend the Honor Of Muslims," via satellite video and criticized the British Home office for deciding to "name and shame" him amongst other hate preachers.

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