Quiznos To Expand Into India

DENVER (AP) - Restaurant chain Quiznos says it plans to open its first location in India by this spring.

The privately held company, based in Denver, has thousands of restaurants across the U.S. It said Friday it has awarded franchising rights for the restaurant in the southern region of India to Arjun Valluri, an established franchise restaurant operator in the area. He plans to open at least 40 Quiznos locations in India at an accelerated pace, according to Quiznos.

The company said India's young, up-and-coming population and its growing affinity toward international brands make it an attractive market.

Store menus in India will include Quiznos sandwiches as well as some touches customized for the location, including new sauces and dressings reflecting the flavors of traditional Indian cuisine, Indian grains incorporated into the bread and a broader variety of vegetarian selections

Over the next few years, Quiznos said it plans to grow the brand's international footprint to more than 40 countries and territories, with target markets in Central and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.