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Quinn Bradlee: Suffering From A Learning Disability In Washington's Public Eye

Twenty-six-year-old Quinn Bradlee, the son of journalist legends -- former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee and author Sally Quinn -- recently wrote "A Different Life" a book about growing up with a learning disability in a very public world.

Bradlee, who suffers from Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome, compared the experience of writing the book to leaving a mother bird's nest – a coming into his own.

"But for me I am going out into the forrest with a broken leg," he told John Dickerson on's political webcast "Washington Unplugged." The candid Bradlee also admitted he had a thing for "hot older woman."

The young author has also launched a social networking website,,, which has been referred to as a Facebook for people with learning disabilities.

Watch the full interview below:

You can watch the whole interview below, as well as a heated debate on Cuba between two members of Congress and the New York Times' David Sanger and David Asher a former State Department Official talking about the challenge of North Korea on Washington Unplugged this week.

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