Quentin Tarantino dishes on his next film during "Tonight Show" spot

Quentin Tarantino appears on NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on Nov. 26, 2013. The Oscar-winning director says his next film will be a western just like his last release, "Django Unchained."
Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Quentin Tarantino has unchained some new details about his next film.

During an appearance Tuesday on NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno," the late-night host asked the two-time Oscar-winning filmmaker about his latest script, and while he wouldn't say much, the "Django Unchained" director did reveal some key details.

"I will say the genre. It's a western," Tarantino told Leno, as the audience applauded. "It's not a 'Django' sequel, but it's another western."

The 50-year-old filmmaker won a best original screenplay Oscar in 2013 for his work on "Django," which he also directed. Tarantino had previously won an Academy Award in the same category in 1995 for "Pulp Fiction."

"Django Unchained" -- which stars Jamie Foxx, Leonardo DiCaprio and Christoph Waltz in an Oscar-winning performance -- attracted some controversy for its heavy use of the n-word and for its depiction of slavery, but critics and audiences for the most part were impressed by Tarantino's take on the genre. 

"I had so much fun doing 'Django' and I love westerns so much, it's like after I taught myself how to make one, it's like 'Well, let me make another now that I know what I'm doing,'" Tarantino said.

And while there was no discussion of a rumored "Kill Bill, Vol. 3" during his appearance, Tarantino did recount his first experience on "The Tonight Show" back in 1992, prior to becoming a house-hold name and before the release of his ground-breaking "Reservoir Dogs." 

Leno pointed out that, at the time, Tarantino was making an appearance as more of a human interest story rather than a celebrity interview. Tarantino had been first booked on the show to talk about his unlikely career path from a video store clerk to a Hollywood filmmaker.

Tarantino said that he has been able to trace his career progression through his collection of "Tonight Show" guest coffee mugs from various appearances over the years.

At the end of their interview, Leno presented Tarantino with a special "Tonight Show" coffee mug that was personalized with the words "Best Director."

Tarantino also joined in for a comical cooking segment, even sampling a "mashed potato and macaroni and cheese parfait with a bacon spoon," which can be seen here.

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