Queen said to think Kate dress exhibit "horrid"

London's latest tourist attraction is expected to draw record crowds to Buckingham Palace this summer when the dress Kate Middleton wore on that fairytale day she married Prince William goes on display.

But, reports CBS News Correspondent Dana Lewis, Queen Elizabeth is apparently much less than thrilled with the exhibit - even though, at $28 a ticket, it's expected to bring $13 million into royal coffers this summer.

The dress hasn't been seen since the royal wedding of the couple now known as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

Pictures: Kate's wedding dress on display

It's now on a royal mannequin in the palace ballroom, and is considered so beautiful that, officials say, it wasn't put under a glass display so visitors can see the stunning detail.

The show's curator, Caroline de Guitaut, calls the dress a work art and a tribute to British couture, telling CBS News, "The display really gives people a sense of the idea of the great British design behind not only the dress, but also the wonderful wedding cake and the other elements of this display."

There are Kate's shoes, Kate's cake (a replica), and Kate's Cartier tiara, lent to her by the queen, who gets it back.

The monarch is, Lewis observes, apparently not pleased with the display. British media quote her as saying it's "horrid," adding that, because the mannequin has no head, it looks very creepy.

Most brides hang their dresses in the closet never to be seen again. But this dress, Lewis notes, lives on.