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Quayle Campaigner Resigns

Mississippi Gov. Kirk Fordice said there's no chance for a reconciliation with his wife of 44 years. The only lingering question is how ugly the divorce will get before she lets him free to marry a Memphis widow.

Fordice announced Tuesday he was resigning as a national co-chairman of Dan Quayle's presidential campaign in part because of the gossip about the governor's love life. The two-term Republican said he talked to Quayle who has emphasized family values during his campaign and both agreed it would be better if Fordice gave up his post.

"I said `I'm going to do what's best for you, Dan, and if that helps the campaign let's get on with it.' I've got plenty to do without involving myself in a presidential campaign," Fordice said.

Quayle had been scheduled to attend a fundraiser with Fordice in Mississippi this week. It was canceled after Fordice's announcement two weeks ago that he wanted a divorce so he could marry Ann G. Creson, a Tennessee woman he dated in junior high school.

The governor said he has pleaded with Pat Fordice to divorce, but he said she refused.

Fordice, 65, denied that his affair with Creson might be at odds with the family values campaigns that got him elected in 1991 and re-elected in 1995.

"You say somehow I've betrayed the idea of family values? To me the idea of family values has to do with a father and a home with a mother and father and children and nurturing and making a living for those children," said Fordice, whose four children are grown and have children of their own.

"The fact of a split unfortunately in a marriage that's lasted for 40-odd years doesn't seem to me to negate one's advocacy of family values, which I certainly do," he said.

Fordice said he should not be viewed as a hypocrite for having criticized President Clinton's infidelity.

"I have never lied before a grand jury. I have never lied to the people wagging my finger on TV and telling blatant lies about my conduct," Fordice said. "I don't believe there's much comparison. I'm not a womanizer of much renown."

Written by Gina Holland

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