Quadrotor flying between Tesla coils is literally electrifying

(CBS News) Stop whatever it is you're doing this very instant! (With the possible exception of doctors in the middle of life-saving surgery). This one is simply way too amazing to be missed by anyone (so be sure to also share this post with your friends, too). Watch in the video above as a quadrotor inside of a Faraday cage creates an "electrifying" effect by flying in between Tesla coils.

See, I told you it was worth stopping everything to watch. The stunning clip was posted by Tesla Universe, and is only part one of a (drum roll, please...) two-part experiment! So can you guess what that means? Yup, there's another epic video to watch below! A triple-rainbow salute of science-made-cool goes out to Tesla Universe from us here at The Feed for this amazing experiment! And to see more great work from them, be sure to visit their website by clicking here.