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Qaddafi's son promises weapons to followers

Saif Gaddafi in a YouTube video in which he apparently spurs on followers, and offers weapons to civilians to attack protesters. YouTube

It is believed at least 1,000 people have been killed in the uprising in Libya since the violence began two weeks ago. Yet in an interview with CNN broadcast Sunday, Muammar Qaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam Qaddafi, denied that his father's regime is killing civilians.

"Show me a single attack, show me a single bomb," he told Christiane Amanpour.

However, a video has surfaced online in which Saif Qaddafi appears to spur on a crowd of followers to commit violence against the opposition, and promises weapons to them, even brandishing an automatic.

In the video, apparently taken in Tripoli, Saif talks to a group of supporters who are chanting, "Only God, Muammar & Libya!"

"We need high spirits!" Saif tells them.

"Listen, listen brothers: the people have said the police force have joined the protesters. But today we will prove the opposite," he says. He then asks if they need weapons: "Yes, yes, yes," they reply.

"You will receive all the support, all the facilities and weapons," Saif said. "Everything will be OK, and you will be victorious."

The crowd breaks into chants of "Only God, Muammar & Libya," and "Al Jazeera, you despicable, we need no other than our leader Qaddafi."

"Today we're not inviting you for rice and meat," Saif continues - a phrase suggesting we mean business. "This is what I want to tell you today."

The crowd yells, "We will show them (the protesters), we will bring (the country) back. The people need Col. Muammar."

"Listen, listen, this is your country," Saif said. "Now we shall leave, and you have all the backing. . . . The protesters you confront are nothing; they are bums, brats and druggies. Today, brothers, Tripoli that you live in, will be cleared [of protesters]."

The crowd then chants, "With spirit and blood, we support you, our leader."

"I am shall leave now, and I will send you weapons," Saif said. "Tonight I will return with more people and weapons."

The crowd chants, "Only God, Muammar & Libya."

The origin of the video and its translation, provided by the Libyan Outreach Group, could not be independently verified.

To view the video click on the player below.

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