Psychologist's report finds Oscar Pistorius a suicide risk

Psychologist: Oscar Pistorius a suicide risk 01:38

The mental health of "Blade Runner" Oscar Pistorius took center stage again at his trial Wednesday morning, CBS News Contributor Debora Patta reports.

A psychologist's report found the double amputee Olympian is severely traumatized after killing his girlfriend.

Experts determine Pistorius was not suffering... 01:07

Three psychiatrists drew up the report, whilst the psychologist assessing Pistorius wrote a separate report that provides more detailed information. Defense attorney Barry Roux read out the finding that Pistorius is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and is a suicide risk.

"The degree of anxiety and depression that is present is significant and he is also mourning the loss of Ms. Steenkamp," said Barry Roux, Pistorius' defense lawyer.

But the knockout punch came from the defense came with this psychological conclusion: "He does not display the personality characteristics of narcissism and psychopathy that are mostly associated with men in abusive relationships and have been linked to rage-type murders in intimate relationships," Roux said.

These new revelations could be a blow for the prosecution's case. Whilst they have firmly squashed any suggestion that Pistorius was suffering a mental disorder, their entire case is built around the assertion that Pistorius had an explosive temper and that Reeva Steenkamp was sometimes scared of him.