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Pygmy goat on the lam in Michigan

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(CBS/AP) RAVENNA, Mich. - Authorities say a little goat is to blame for some damage in a West Michigan downtown, and law enforcement has had its hands full trying to corral the kid.

The Muskegon Chronicle reports the pygmy goat ran away Monday from a livestock sale in Ravenna, about 20 miles northwest of Grand Rapids. The goat was spotted Tuesday in front of a local business and it appeared that it cracked glass on a door, possibly after seeing its reflection.

"It was this really tiny little pygmy goat with horns," said business co-owner Chery Stern, according to CBS affiliate WWMT.  "All we know is that he got away from the livestock sale on Monday. We saw him roaming around the neighborhood."

"The goat was laying there, looking real innocent," she said. "There was lettuce laying there like someone had tried to catch him."

The Muskegon County sheriff's department did respond Tuesday, but the kid got away. Damage to the glass was estimated at $300.

Got their goat?

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