Putting Best Face Forward For The Holidays

The holidays are coming up fast, so now's the perfect time to get yourself looking positively beautiful for that holiday party or special occasion.

You don't need to spend a lot of money to look like a million bucks.

Makeup Artist Carmindy, from TLC's "What Not To Wear," shared tips and secrets on how to glam up your most beautiful self with a festive flair, with quality products that are all less than $10!

Carmindy demonstrated the look on three models, talked about their best features, and offered advice on easy steps to play up those features for a great holiday look.

Carmindy's new book has just hit stores and Web sites. It's called "Get Positively Beautiful: The Ultimate Guide to Looking and Feeling Gorgeous."

Is general, she suggests accentuating your positive features, and tailoring festive looks to your complexion and features.
*Carmindy's best quality products all under $10

MODEL #1: Dramatic Holiday Lips, With Simple Eyes

Dramatic holiday lip colors that work: Wine and red shades are always popular during the holiday season, but if you are going to go dramatic on the lips, you should keep it simple on the eyes. Fair skin should go for berry tinted wines and reds. Medium skin can play with true reds and burgundy colors. Dark skin looks great in sangria or blood reds.

Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipsticks for $5: Line the lips with clear liner to really seal in the lip color.

Pair that look with a simple eye but lots of fun mascara or falsies. False Eye Lashes: You can still give a sexy but less dramatic eye by focusing on the lashes. To add drama to the eyes, try adding a set of fake lashes. And you don't have to spend a lot of money on lashes, try the NYC fake lashes for $2. So as not to make them look like oversized fake lashes, you want to simply cut the lashes in half and strategically place them on the outer corners. This is such a classic and elegant look, with the focus being on the lips.

MODEL #2: Festive, Metallic Eyes

This look is a popular holiday look, very sexy and glamorous -- the Festive Metallic Eye.

How can you get this look?

To focus on the eyes, create a sensational eye look using a double-sided metallic eyeliner pencil in either silver or gold; they and are perfect for creating that "come hither eye" for a night on the town. Play with fun metallic liners by doubling up on color.

First, draw on the classic black liner along the upper lash line only then use the metallic side to sweep above that and under the lower lash line. Sweep a matching metallic shadow across the lid and pair with a subtle lip. NYC Double-sided Metallic Eyeliners -- $2

And again the rest of the face is muted. You can play with gold or silver as long as the rest of your makeup compliments your skin tone. Metallics are a glamorous "neutral

MODEL #3: Party Shimmer

For the eyes, try and a NYC Sparkle Dust. It is perfect for giving you a hint of shimmer if you apply it properly, and they are only $4.

Make sure you strategically place shimmer under brows, on the inner corners to show off your eyes. These two places never wrinkle so you don't run the risk of having it settle into fine lines.
Stick with clear shimmer on the body and on the eyes white or champagne shimmer for light skin, pale golds for darker skin.

Women of any age can wear that shimmer, if it's put in the right places. Carmindy likes to apply Luminizing Face Primer underneath makeup for a subtle glow. She likes to use the Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Inspired by Carmindy Luminizing Face Primer on the body to give a good glow. It retails for only $10

You can just dust shimmer on your décolletage area and your arms for a healthy glow.