Puppy thoroughly enjoys first AC experience, on The Feed!

Some of the latest and greatest viral videos include a dog's funny reaction to air conditioning and a cat blocking an ATM.

Behold the power of refrigerant on a summer day. In this clip from jones948, a black lab pup gets its first taste of air conditioning and really seems to enjoy the experience. Either that, or it's on the breatharianism fad diet where you only eat air -- and it is pigging out.

And, lolzing4gifs introduces the world to a new breed of financial advisors in Israel -- lazy cats hanging out on ATMs, keeping you from spending money. It makes sense. They always land on their feet, so who better to help you out with your balance?

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    Nick Dietz is an associate producer, on-camera personality and reporter for CBSNews.com. And, host of the viral video wrap up show "The Feed."