Puppy survives a month trapped in impounded car with no water

Kia lived several weeks inside a locked car at Kansas City's tow lot.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. A Kansas City animal shelter is caring for a puppy that authorities say survived in a locked car that was impounded for nearly a month in a city lot.

The 12-week-old puppy, which has been named Kia, apparently survived by eating trash left in the car. The terrier and schnauzer mix didn't have access to water.

Toni Fugate, a spokeswoman for the city's animal shelter, says the puppy was dehydrated and malnourished but is expected to survive.

"We will give her some proper medical care," Fugate said, according to CBS affiliate KCTV. "We will get some food in her."

Records show that the car was towed to the lot April 8. A lot employee saw the dog Monday afternoon and called police, who broke into the car.

Kia went Tuesday afternoon to a foster home, KCTV reports. It will be some time before she can be adopted.

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