Puppy rescued after falling 200 feet from cliff in Northern California

Firefighters rescue a pit bull puppy named Mia.
CBS San Francisco

RODEO, Calif. -- Firefighters rescued a puppy that fell 200 feet off a cliff in Marin County, CBS Francisco reported.

The 7-month old pit bull named Mia landed on Rodeo Beach after Sunday's fall, getting wedged between two rocks.

Rescuers used a helicopter and rope system to reach the puppy as a crowd watched above.

At first, Mia didn't appear to be moving, and rescuers were afraid she was dead.

"The dog was kind of wedged between two rocks, and not moving at first, but then the dog moved its head, let them know she was alive," Southern Marin Fire Capt. Kai Pasquale said.

The dog was taken to a veterinarian to be checked out. It turned out she was not seriously hurt and will be home soon.