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Puppies! Kitties! It's Cute Overload

Sure, there's plenty of a snarky fun in the blogosphere, but sometimes it's nice to just gigle at pictures of cute little animals.

The best place to do that is at the award-winning Cute Overload blog where, as the name implies, there's nothing but post after post of pure cuteness.

Meg Frost chats with the BlogBuzz podcast's Judy Faber about all things cute, including cuddly kittens, odd couple pets, and controversial critters (that would be hedgehogs and hamsters).

Cute Overload won a Webby Award and a People's Voice award at this year's Webbys. Both awards were in the Weird blog category, although we don't think there's anything weird about cute.

So, curl up with your favorite pet and to listen.

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By Judy Faber

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