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Public Dismayed By Starr Probe

The questioning of President Clinton before a grand jury Monday has sounded a sour note with many southern Californians, who are both mesmerized and dismayed by the presidential sex scandal. CBS News Correspondent Vince Gonzales reports.

"I can't help but follow the case," said one woman. "It's in our faces."

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"I think it's obnoxious. Everybody has just escalated it to a circus act," one man said.

Just like Main Street America, many Californians on Main Street in Santa Monica believe that whatever happened is a private matter.

"I don't think it is my business or anybody's business. It has to do with him and his wife," one observer told CBS News.

The same sentiment could be found on Santa Monica's beaches.

"What he does on his own time is really his business personally," said one beachgoer.

"I'm just sick of it. Like, who cares?" said another.

A recent CBS News poll showed that many Californians question Starr and his investigation.

"I think we've almost put our president in the position of hoping he lies, and I think that is a sad commentary on the runaway powers the special prosecutor has now," one woman said.

While the president's overall popularity is high, there are
growing concerns about his character.

"I think he is an okay president, but I'd like it to be
over with, and I think that anything he says will be unbelievable,"
one observer said.

Reported by Vince Gonzales

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