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Hundreds protest at Amazon store in Manhattan against company's ICE involvement

Anti-ICE protesters arrested in NYC
Anti-ICE protesters arrested at Amazon store in New York City 00:54

Hundreds of demonstrators gathered at the Amazon Books in Manhattan on Sunday, protesting the company's involvement with ICE. The NYPD said 44 people were arrested on the second day of protests, CBS New York reports.

On Saturday, anti-ICE protesters shut down parts of New York City's West Side Highway. On Sunday, demonstrators shouted "never again" and "close the camps" in front of the midtown location of Amazon Books. 

The demonstration was organized by local Jewish leaders, who say Amazon provides technology that helps ICE make detentions, CBS New York reports. Protest leaders say Amazon has contracts with the Department of Homeland Security. Previous reports have said Amazon Web Services, the company's cloud computing service, hosts databases for the federal government that enable authorities to track immigrants. CBS News has reached out to Amazon for more information.

Sunday was the annual Jewish day of mourning and fasting known as Tisha B'Av, commemorating the destruction of the ancient Temples in Jerusalem and persecution of the Jews. Many protestors held signs asking Amazon to learn from Jewish history and break ties with oppressive forces.

Witnesses said Amazon Books was completely shut down as protestors flooded the store with signs that read, "Amazon causes family separations" and "Hey Alexa, no to camps!"

Some shared their support for the demonstrators on social media by tweeting the hashtag #JewsAgainstICE. Protesters also gathered in Philadelphia, and outside the Jerome Combs Detention Center in Kankakee, Illinois.

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