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Protesters disrupt French Open final

Several protesters, upset by recent legislation in France allowing for same-sex marriages, disrupted the French Open tennis final on Sunday between Rafael Nadal and fellow Spaniard David Ferrer.

Two protesters appeared shirtless in one of the front rows behind the players bench on center court at the end of the sixth game of the second set. One of them let off a flare and leapt onto the court.

A security guard tackled the protester with the flare, who was also wearing a mask, on the court and hustled him off the towards the players' exit. The

Nadal began jogging towards the players locker room exit when the protest began, but was quickly turned back by a security guard as the protester headed in that direction as well.

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The accomplice of the protester with the flare was hustled off the court quickly as well.

Earlier, two other protesters had been pulled out of the stands by security, Reuters reports.

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Anti same-sex marriage activists protest during the 2013 French tennis Open final match at the Roland Garros stadium in Paris on June 9, 2013. PATRICK KOVARIK/AFP/Getty Images

About two weeks ago, France's first same-sex wedding was broadcast live on television. The politically charged ceremony was held under tight police surveillance -- a stark reminder of the months of bruising opposition to the new same-sex marriage law that French lawmakers passed earlier this month. Several rallies involving thousands of protesters in Paris failed to prevent the law's passage.

Police had to use tear gas to scare away a small group of protesters who gathered near the ceremony.

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