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Protecting Kids Online... A Freebie For Schools

A company called Dotsafe is one of the latest to offer a filtered Internet service for the home...and is offering access to schools across the country for free. Dotsafe CEO Robert Maynard...

"The schools are bound because they can't get it in their budget fast enough, they don't have the technical expertise to do it, their system administrators are already overloaded. We said, you know what, we built this network, it's powerful, we're going to do it. And we're going to do it no strings attached. We'll never put advertising on the portal for the kids, we'll never put advertising in their email, we will not ever ask the schools to buy anything from us."
Dotsafe has local access numbers around the country...and household accounts run the typical 19.95 a month. You can find more information at When you're looking for sites that are safe for your family, pick up Jean Armour Polly's Internet Kids and Family Yellow Pages... The author spent 16 years as a public librarian...

"So I knew the types of things kids needed for school and that's how I select my sites. I look for things with authority. Things that are current and have a date on them and also things that are fun and that I really like."
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