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Prosecution Set To Finish In U. Nevada-Reno Prof Homicide Trial

This story was written by Wheeler Cowperthwaite, Sagebrush

Mohamed Kamaludeen, the man accused of killing University of Nevada-Reno professor Judy Calder, attempted to have her killed at least once before, a former employee of Kamaludeen testified Monday.

[Kamaludeen] stared referring to Judy as white trash, Raymond Patterson, the former employee, said.

Patterson and Kamaludeen had just returned from a delivery trip in California when Kamaludeen told him Calder fought against the civil rights movement in the 1960s, Patterson said.

Patterson testified in Washoe District Court that Kamaludeen asked him if he had ever killed anyone.

I told him no, Patterson said. I couldnt hurt anyone like that.

Kamaludeen then asked Patterson if he would kill Calder for him, he said.

Calder was reported missing on Aug. 19, 2007 by her husband James Calder. Hunters found her body in eastern Nevada on Aug. 28, 2007. Her body was identified by dental records.

Mohamed Kamaludeen faces charges of murder with a deadly weapon of a person aged 60 or older and solicitation to commit murder in the Aug. 18, 2007 stabbing.

Prosecutor Bruce Hahn said he hopes to finish his case today.

(UWIRE) -- In September 2004, Kamaludeen signed a contract with Calder. According to the contract, Calder would give Kamaludeen $150,000, which he would then pay back during a 24-month period with $2,200 interest every month.

As of August 2007, Kamaludeen had also lost more than $350,000 to the El Dorado, said Linda Doria, the credit collections manager. Other area casinos said he owed a collective $63,000.

Darrol Taylor, who had worked with Kamaludeen, testified that Kamaludeen told him that he put up a $25,000 reward for any information surrounding Calders disappearance.

In a recorded interview with police, Kamaludeen told a detective during a taped interview he held Calder in high esteem.

Shes the best woman I know, he said, seeming to choke up.

I would do anything for her, he said. Judys like a mother figure to me.

Later in the tape, he said Calders husband James told him about troubles Calder had at the university.

Shes a very hateful person, he said. Most female hates her.

The detective asked Kamaludeen what he thought happened to Calder, listed as missing at the time.

I think somebody killed her, he said. I think a lot of people hates her.

Earlier in the week

(UWIRE) -- In testimony on Thursday, Carlos Filomeno detailed his role in Calders murder and accused Kamaludeen of stabbing her in the chest four or five times.

Filomeno said Kamaludeen gave him money and drove him to Wal-Mart to buy jogging suits and a knife. When Filomeno returned with too small of a knife, he said Kamaludeen sent him back inside.

The next day, at Kamaludeens business, Filomeno said he heard a soft voice cry help. He said that when he turned around and walked toward the voice, he saw Calder hit the ground. Blood poured from her chest and nose, he said.

Filomeno said Kamaludeen then took him to dump the body in eastern Nevada. They went to Arizona the next day, Filomeno said.

Michael Duda, who was manager at Big O Tires in Chandler, Arizona, said Kamaludeen bought four brand new tires for his work van. The replaced tires had only 10,000 miles of wear, out of a lifespan of 70,000 miles, he said. Kamaludeen kept the old tires.

Filomeno said he pushed the old tires out of the van one by one when Kamaludeen asked him to.