"Project Runway" A Real Fashion Catfight

Season six of the hit show "Project Runway" has been held up in a legal tangle. Not a single episode has aired, but the producers were forced to tape the finale during fashion week, which meant concealing the identities of the finalists.

Missy Schwartz, senior writer at Entertainment Weekly, joined Early Show co-anchor Maggie Rodriguez to discuss the legal battle.

"Will you tell us in a nutshell who's suing who?" Rodriguez asked.

"Basically everyone is suing each other. When The Weinstein Company announced they were taking the show to Lifetime, Bravo -- the former network that aired the show, their parent company, NBC Universal, sued The Weinstein Company for breach of contract. A few months later The Weinstein Company sued Bravo, NBC Universal for supposedly failing to properly promote the fifth season, which aired last summer. And then in the end, Lifetime was, like, well, we're going to sue everyone, too, because we want our show," Schwartz said.

While all these networks are fighting to see where the show winds up, the show continued and the sixth season has finished production.

"It's sitting on the shelf. It's completely wrapped, it's ready to air, just waiting for someone to push the button and put it on the air," Schwartz said.

This is very disappointing for the young designers, who go on the show hoping it's their big break.

"It is disappointing. They're the ones losing out on this. They've worked so hard. It's grueling. They don't see their families and they're just in that room sewing day and night. And to not get the recognition, not get their 15 minutes of fame, even during fashion week. At the finale they couldn't come out and introduce their designs, they couldn't thank their families, nothing. Really, they're the ones losing out," Schwartz said.

"How long is this battle supposed to go on?" Rodriguez asked.

"Well, no one really knows. It's as long as until anyone blinks," Schwartz said.

There will be more hearings starting March 19, but there hasn't been a trial date yet, she explained.

"It's a question of will they settle or are they really going to go for broke and go to trial, which could mean weeks, months, who knows?" Schwartz said.

"What do you predict will happen? Do you think we'll see 'Project Runway' again?" Rodriguez said.

"Hopefully we will see it again, whether it's this actual season, season six, is the question, because it's tied up right now. It's in limbo. If they do settle in a year or six months, there's a question of will it still seem fresh? Maybe they'll just want to shelve the season, put it out on DVD or put it out on Webisodes and move onto the next season. But that's all a big question. Who knows?" Schwartz said.