Project Runway

"Project Runway" time. My favorite time of the week.

This week, the challenge is to make an outfit for the everyday woman and — surprise! — they bring in everyone's moms and sisters. Their moms and sisters will be the everyday woman they are going to be designing for and they are also their models. Everyone picks their own mom/sister to design for but you can't pick your own as your model. Funny enough, Jeff picks Angela's mom — Angela and Jeff have been at each other the entire competition. Karma, anyone!

It's so cute to see the mom/sisters reunite with their kids. It's adorable and I love it. Laura accidentally blurts out she is pregnant with child number five, Uli is crying with her mom, Michael is showing his mom his winning pieces; it's a very nice, real touching moment of the show. I think this might be my favorite episode.

Jeff proceeds to keep up his normal behavior of being just downright mean to everyone and starts getting nasty with Angela's mom. Angela's mom likes clothes that cover her up, that are very understated, and in muted colors — the complete opposite of what Jeff usually does. This seems to rub him the wrong way and he goes with his gut and ends up picking out a periwinkle blue color for her outfit.

Oh, and did I mention Michael Kors' mom is a guest judge? I love this woman. You can clearly see by her that style runs in this family 100 percent.

Tim Gunn lets the moms and sisters come in to observe progress of their outfit. Tim Gunn asks Angela's mom how she feels about her outfit and she tells him she doesn't like the light blue color and it's really not her. Jeff immediately gets defensive and scolds Angela's mom. It's a really low moment for Jeff. This is someone's mom you are talking about. Take it easy! You can yell at your own mom but not someone else's. Angela's mom starts to cry in the back room and it's so heartbreaking. This is someone's MOM. Have a heart. I think this pulls Jeff ahead for the Villain title, if you ask me.

Onto the runway show. Keeping in mind some designers had some problems because they are used to fitting standard model size (4) and not plus size, so this was a bit of a challenge to some.

Some highlights of the runway show were Uli, who always makes fabulous clothes in wonderful prints, and tonight was no exception. She made a wonderful print shirt that really elongated her mom's figure. Vincent, surprisingly, made this very cool, very elegant collared dress for Uli's mom and she looked chic and mature. Michael, my favorite, made an amazing shirtdress that was reversible. It was so cool I want to buy it now.

Robert, Angela and Jeff, in my opinion, were the worst. Their outfits looked cheap and basic.

Heidi spoke German to Uli's mom asking her if she liked her outfit (she did). It was a very cool moment. Darlene (Angela's mom) ripped Jeff's outfit on the runway to the judges. The winner ended up being Vincent! Go underdog! Robert ended up going home. Maybe he is just better suited to dress Barbie! But I liked him. I thought he had potential but his outfits these last few weeks were just boring.