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Project Runway

Time to find out who the winner is on "Project Runway."

We start with the drama that began last week with Jeffery being accused of not doing his own work. After some investigation, Tim Gunn let everyone know that Jeffery did do his own work but sent a couple items out to be pleated, which is in the scope of the rules.

But he did not have a receipt for a pair of shorts he got pleated so he couldn't use those shorts, and he was $200 over budget so he needs to lose something and the judges will know about him being over budget. So, even though he did the work himself, he still didn't follow the rules, which to me has to say something about him and his work. Follow the rules, all of them.

The time has come for the final runway show, and I can't wait! Jeffery starts out the show. His collection is surprisingly girlie and had lots of polka dots and feminine cuts. It was nice, but nothing really blew me away. I think I was expecting him to be a little more over the top and he didn't deliver that.

Uli is up next. She had a lot of her trademark beautiful flowing fun dresses and one swimsuit that was great. It was a really nice collection. I would buy a few things from it right now, if I could. But again, as with Jeffery, nothing blew me away.

Laura is up on the runway. Her clothes were very glamorous and very detailed. She had some really beautiful and stunning pieces in her collection. I would pick her to be in the top two as of now.

Last is my favorite, Michael, and his "street safari" collection. His collection started off with a few really clean white pieces and then he had some really vibrant dresses. It was casual and cool. I loved it all. Let's just hope the judges did to.

The judges give everyone some heat for their collections during final judging. They think Michael's collection was not advanced enough and he needed time to grow, so he was eliminated first. It was surprising because he was a fan favorite and made some great clothes, but I have to admit his collection tonight was not his best.

The judges felt Laura's collection was "exquisite" but to limited, so she was next to go. It came down to Uli and Jeffery, two very different styles. The judges felt that Jeffery was the better designer tonight so he wins! He actually looked really shocked. I think all of them will do well in fashion. They all have unique points of view.

So that's it, another season in the bag. Until next season — make it work!