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Project Runway

It almost time for the finale of "Project Runway."

Each designer has to complete 12 looks for $8,000 in two months. That's a lot of work in not a lot of time. Each person gets to go back home to compete their collections.

Tim goes to Atlanta to visit Michael. His collection is a "street safari" themed collection. A lot of his pieces look like Michael pieces, very fitted and beautiful. I love all his stuff and want to buy every piece he has made so far. We get to meet his father and his mother (again) and learn that they have supported him endlessly to pursue his passion, which is a refreshing thing to hear and very touching.

Off to NYC to visit Laura and her ever expanding family. Her collection looks like her style times 1,000. She has done amazing work on details and has a lot of work done for her collection. She is in good shape and gives Tim a day in the life of a busy career mom.

Uli has a similar vision to Michael, her collection is a "tropical safari" theme, which isn't surprising since Uli loves the beach, life and color. She has this belt on one of her dresses that was made of a bone that really caught my eye.

L.A. is the last stop to see Jeffery. He tells us about his turbulent home life, addiction to drugs, and an attempted suicide. He has been through a lot and has come a long way. He is also the only contestant to have a studio and office to do his work. Its clear that he is the most established designer out of all of them.

After two months of sewing their brains out, it's back to NYC to get ready for fashion week. Everyone seems excited to see each other except Laura and Jeffery. Seems that the bad blood between those two didn't settle over the months. After choosing their models and spending time figuring out the hair and makeup for the show, a scandal finally erupts!

Laura thinks Jeffery had some help with the sewing of his garments. He has a lot of garments and some really intricate stitching that they didn't see during the competition. To be honest, they may have a point. It looks like a lot of work for someone in two months. Not to mention it would be the easiest for him to get help because he already has a design company. Laura takes it up with Tim and Tim assures her that he will take it up with the producers to investigate. Most people who aren't guilty wouldn't have gotten so nervous like Jeffery did.

Laura told Jeffery to his face about her concerns and he actually looked worried and concerned — maybe even a little guilty. I hate to accuse someone of something, but it's no doubt that they are his designs. It's just the sewing that is puzzling people.

Let me say, I hope it's not true because it looks like on next week's episode he is upset and I would hate to see him come this far to get tossed over not doing his own sewing. But then again, if it's true, it's his own fault.

Jeffery did say after all this that he was worried now he wouldn't be able to show at fashion week. Would an innocent person be that worried and say that? We won't know until next week during the finale.

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