Products proliferate for growing market: seniors

The number of people over 65 will double worldwide in the next four decades. In the U.S. alone, 80 million baby boomers will enter their 60s and 70s over the next 20 years.

That has many manufacturers seeing dollar signs, targeting the growing older crowd with offerings catering to aging boomers. They're coming up with some nifty products designed to make life easier in people's golden years - such as a little keychain with GPS to guide user you back to their cars!

BehyindTheBuy.comenior Editor David Gregg brought several such offerings to "The Early Show" Wednesday:

To make it easier for anybody to get out of a car: Deluxe Plastic Swivel Cushion

$25 @

David's take: The Deluxe Plastic Swivel Cushion offers extra support for your hips while preventing back and hip strain. The Deluxe Car Seat Cushion lets you turn around and shift your body 360 degrees with little effort.

Manufacturer's take: Getting in and out of a car or any seat (without arms) has gotten much easier thanks to The Deluxe Plastic Swivel Cushion. This device offers extra support for your hips while allows you to rotate 360 degrees so you can sit with minimal effort. This Orthopedic Chair cushion is comfortable and made with poly foam filling that is very light making it ideal to take with you anywhere or just keep it in your car. The swivel car seat was designed with a strong plastic and incorporates a non-skid base.

If you have problems keeping your medications on track: MedCenter Monthly Medication System with Reminder Alarm

$58 @

David's take: The MedCenter Monthly Medication System will make sure you will never miss your next dose of medicine thanks to its amazing system to keep you on track!

Manufactuer's take: Never forget your medications again with this e-pill reminder and organizer system. Works great for Vitamins too. 31 pill boxes (each pill box holds up to four (4) doses per day. Organize all your medications once a month. Improve patient compliance; clever indicator (red or green side up) helps the patient stay on track. Loud Four (4) Alarm Pill Timer (Alarm Clock type device) is included. Alarm timer auto resets every day at midnight. No monthly fees ever. Battery life is one (1) year (depends on how long the alarm has to sound before the patient takes her/his medications). Uses easy to replace 2 AA batteries.

For older folks who don't have computers or go online to stay connected: Presto Printing Mailbox

$100 @; The Presto Mail service is either $14.99 per month, or $149.99 per year (cancelable at any time) Most Newsstand content is $9.99 for a year of deliveries. The DailySmile service is free with a paid Presto Mail service subscription

David's take: The Presto Printing Mailbox allows people who don't use a computer or the internet to receive email and digital photos!

Manufacturer's take: Presto allows people who don't use a computer or the Internet to receive email and digital photos. These messages and photos are printed out automatically, in full color on a special dedicated printer that automatically retrieves messages via a regular phone line and prints them out (at times specified during the set-up of the Presto printer). There is nothing the senior needs to do except pick up the printed messages, read and enjoy. There is also nothing new the emailers need to do. As long as they are on the approved senders list (this is how we prevent spam) they send an email to the Presto user just like they would to anyone else. The Presto DailySmile service lets approved senders tag photos in Facebook or upload from their computer to create a queue (kind of like Netflix). They can caption the photos, and let us know how often they would like one sent to the Presto user, anywhere from once per day to once per week. As long as there are photos in the queue, Presto will deliver them on the correct schedule. We've found this is a great way for grandkids to stay in touch with grandparents. Added bonus: it takes just a couple of minutes to set up several months worth of deliveries, so Grandma will think you're thinking of her often (even if that's not exactly the case!). The Presto DailySmile service is free with the Presto Mail subscription. Presto Newsstand - Offers approved senders the ability to send free puzzles, games and articles. Now, there is also a paid Newsstand service that offers a much wider variety of content. Anyone on the approved senders list can buy a subscription to these bite-sized articles, comics, news, etc. These subscriptions make great gifts and open up a whole new world of information and entertainment for the senior.

Another way of staying connected and framing photos without having to go online: Pandigital Photo Mail Digital Photo Frame

$130 @

David's take: The Pandigital Photo Mail digital frame is capable of wirelessly receiving photos from anywhere in the WIFI required...It uses a FREE cellular signal to receive photos from any pre-approved sender with a phone or computer!

Manufacturer's take: Pandigital's 8-inch digital photo frame has its own dedicated/built-in email address, so that you can give to family and friends and they can send photos directly to the frame -- no PC required. Once you receive the photos via email (thanks to a free wireless signal!), you can quickly accept/decline and view them. The frame holds 300 emails and still acts as a traditional digital photo frame and accepts photos from media cards, digital cameras or PCs (it stores a whopping 6400 photos) . Since the frame uses cellular service, there are no WiFi configurations to set up and worry about. There are also no ongoing service fees.