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Printing Projects of All Kinds

No matter what kind of printing project you have in mind, you can get professional looking results from your PC. Mindscape, part of The Learning Company, is out with PrintMaster Platinum 7.0. It's one of those programs that has been around for almost long as PCs have been used in the home. And it has evolved to take advantage of the technology and the Internet. You can use it to print everything from greeting cards to business cards or to create web sites. Use your own art work and some of the 150 thousand images included with the software. Mindscape's Joe Roberts...

"For PrintMaster, exclusively for PrintMaster, Mindscape has commissioned thousands of artists across the world to create what we call original art work. We've had this in the past and we've continued to add to this. And you can really tell the difference between the original art work, there's water colors, there's wood cuts, it just doesn't even compare to the regular clip art that you get with a lot of other products."

Some other special ingredients in the package, about three hundred projects from American Greetings and one hundred high quality photographs from National Geographic. And you can retrieve even more images from the Online Art Gallery...

"So you can search for anything you want. Dogs, cats, weddings, whatever your fancy is."

The price, under seventy dollars.

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