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Printers That Can Do More

One of the latest on the market is from the company whose name is synonymous with copiers….Xerox….

"They print, they copy, they fax, they scan. Basically we say…if you give us a desk, we'll give you an office."
Les Eisenberg of Xerox. I've used a stand alone scanner, a computer and printer for years. If I want to fax or copy the computer has to be on. But not so with the Xerox WorkCentre 490cx.

Actually, it's a stand alone full functioning fax and photocopier. So you never have to worry about having your PC on."
And the price…under 350 dollars. The only drawback I found is that scanner is sheet fed instead of flatbed. That means you can't copy or scan pages from books or magazines. Pages have to be fed through. Another printer that can do more is Hewlett Packard's DeskJet 952C. HP's Kathy Schultheis…

"What's really exciting about this printer is that it not only offers Hewlett Packard's best photo quality, but it also offers a four by six inch photo paper tray so that customers can leave photo paper in the printer as well as their regular paper and they don't have to swap it."
A nice touch and the printer turns out some of the best photo-realistic prints I've seen. The price is under 300 dollars. You can find more on the latest tech toys at Bootcamp, I'm Fred Fishkin for CBS News.

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