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Princess Diana Sites

Even before Princess Diana's death last summer, fans had created Web sites devoted to her. After the accident, the number increased. Here are some of the most compelling from a long list.

Princess Diana Webring: A Diana admirer has assembled a loose aggregation of sites, known on the Web as a "ring," concerning the Princess.

The Diana Memorial Fund: In an effort to encourage giving, has assembled a list of charities to which Diana contributed time and money.

Princess Diana and Dodi Fayed vacationing before the accident.

Links To Diana-Related Charities : This fan has compiled a list links to charities, many of them active in the U.S., with whom Diana worked.

Diana, Princess of Wales : Strangely enough, the British Monarchy has an official Web site. Perhaps even more strangely, it has a section devoted to Diana.

Landmine Survivors Network: In the months before her death, Diana became heavily involved in this non-profit group, which tries to help landmine victims lead full lives, and tries to educate people on the proliferation of mines around the world.

United Nations Demining Page: The UN site has a section devoted to the dangers of land mines. Find out casualty figures for countries around the world, as well as information, most of it depressing, about mines around the world: For example: There are right now 110 million mines scattered around the world. For every mine cleared, there are 20 laid.

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written by David Kohn

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