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Prince William and Kate Middleton May Wed in 3D

Prince William and Kate Middleton May Wed in 3D
Prince William and fiancee Kate Middleton. (AFP/Getty Images) AFP/Getty Images

(CBS) Not important enough to attend the royal wedding? No problem.

The much anticipated marriage of Prince William and Kate Middleton may be coming to you live in 3D, offering a better seat than that of many of the attendees.

British Sky Broadcasting Group (BSkyB), a UK-based satellite broadcasting company, is considering carrying the event in the new format, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Doing so would most likely boost sales of 3D televisions, just as Queen Elizabeth II's Coronation drove many to buy TV sets in the early 1950s.

BSkyB is still in discussions with Clarence House and Buckingham Palace, "but if the planets align, then this is the kind of big-event TV that would definitely be a contender for our strategy of offering 3D coverage," a company insider told the magazine.

Whatever they decide, the wedding will help push up sales of high definition sets, as the BBC has confirmed they will be broadcasting the nuptials in HD.

"I think it is going to be a major event for many, many people in this country and around the world," BBC director of vision Jana Bennett, who oversees the company's television, radio and online content, told reporters.

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