'Prince of Egypt' Hits Theaters

The latest big animated movie, The Prince of Egypt, hits the theater this weekend. It's not your usual dancing fairy-tale. It's based on the story of Moses. CBS 'This Morning' Contributor Eleanor Mondale sat down with talent from the film.

Val Kilmer provides the voice of the dedicated prophet, and Dreamworks executive Jeffrey Katzenberg is the man who decided to bring Moses back to the big screen.

"It's a story literally about life and every stage of Moses' life...[It]is a metaphor or a simile of how huge an experience life is," says Kilmer. "He comes to discover that he has a destiny and feels unsure of himself and that happens to us all."

Katzenburg has worked with Kilmer on three movies together so far, and has nothing but praise for the former actor, who played a tough airman nicknamed 'Iceman' in Top Gun.

"I've never worked with anybody who's more dedicated, more professional and in the case of this movie who's ever given as much to a film," Katzenburg says.

Jeff Goldblum also performs in the film, as the voice of Moses' brother-in-law, Aaron.

Goldblum remembered from his own childhood the most interesting parts of this Exodus story.

"Even when you're young, it's scary. You hear about these plagues. What? Frogs everywhere? Hail that becomes fire? Blood? It's scary and mysterious," said Goldblum.

Incidentally, the production team invited advice and opinions from over 600 religious leaders and individuals in an effort to be fair in their portrayal of Moses.

Reported by CBS 'This Morning' Contributor Eleanor Mondale