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Prince Harry's Birthday Surprises

This story was filed by's London-based entertainment contributor Neil Sean.

What do you buy the man of your dreams if he is among the richest young men in the world and has a kingdom at his feet? Nothing special.

At least, that's what Chelsy Davy did earlier this month when her on-again, off-again boyfriend Prince Harry marked his 25th birthday. Instead of splurging on a gift fit for a prince, she got 25 small "fun" things that she thought Harry would like.

"She took her time and planted various gifts around the house he shares with brother Prince William," a royal source said. These included a selection of comedy DVDs like "Mighty Boosh," an iPod docking station and an iPod filled with music she chose herself.

Photos: Harry & Chelsy

The final gift was a miniature birthday cake with Harry's picture on ice and the words "Cool Prince" written on it.

According to one royal watcher, it is things like this that draw Harry to her. "He loves the fact she treats him just like any other regular guy - nothing special and nothing out of the ordinary," the source said.

The prince, the younger son of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, spent his Sept. 15 birthday by continuing his pilot training in the Royal Air Force.

Davy, the child of a wealthy South African family, is starting work in London as a lawyer. She's described as serious-minded and committed to her career. The two had been dating for five years until they broke up in January.

Reports of the two getting back together arose after they recently were pictured in the British tabloids leaving the same nightclub just 10 minutes apart.


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