Prince Harry Chooses Army Career

Prince Harry, 18, younger son of Britain's Prince Charles, punches the air as he leaves Eton College in Windsor, England, Thursday June 12, 2003, on his last day at the top public school where he has been a pupil for five years.
Prince Harry, who finished his Eton education with the last of his exams on Thursday, has decided to train for a career in the army, St. James's Palace announced.

Harry, 18, will apply to Sandhurst military academy before taking a year off from studying. If he is accepted, he would expect to join the army late next year, Prince Charles' office at the palace said.

Like his elder brother, Prince William, Harry was expected to spend his year off working and traveling.

At Eton, Harry took part in the school's Combined Cadet Corps and was runner-up for the top accolade of Sword of Honor.

His father, Prince Charles, and grandfather Prince Philip served in the Royal Navy, and his uncle Prince Andrew was a navy helicopter pilot who served in the Falklands war.