"More loose ends" than decisions as Prince Harry and Meghan reunite in Canada

Prince Harry reunites with family in Canada
Prince Harry reunites with family in Canada 02:31

Prince Harry arrived in Vancouver, Canada, Monday night to reunite with Meghan and their son, 8-month-old Archie. Only hours before, he had wound up his job as a senior representative of the royal family at a conference on African investment.

But questions about the couple's new life remain.

"There are more loose ends than there are decisions. The outstanding one, of course, is the money. Who's going to pay for what?" Ingrid Seward, a royal biographer, told CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer. "Probably the most outstanding of all is the security."

Keeping the young family safe is going to cost a fortune, and British or Canadian taxpayers are likely to get the bill. That could generate some anger on top of the resentment already simmering, mostly of it directed at Meghan.

"The British public opinion is that it's all Meghan's fault, that she has lured Harry away from us … she is the one that's insisted that they have a private life," Seward said. That opinion is more common among older people in Britain, but many younger people believe the couple deserves a chance at a happy life.  

At a charity event on Sunday, Harry said there had been no option but to break away from official roles with the royal family. "We are taking a leap of faith, so thank you for giving me the courage to take this next step," he said.