Priest gives video star "holler from the collar"

Jeff Bethke
Jeff Bethke performing in viral YouTube video, "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus."

The 22-year-old who made a rhyming viral video that'sd garnered more than 16 million hits on YouTube -- "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus" -- got a "holler from the collar" from the Rev. Edward Beck on "CBS This Morning."

In a nod to Jeff Bethke, the rapper who stars in the video, Beck, a Roman Catholic priest, said, "Yo Jeff, let me give you a holler from the collar. I don't think it's religion you should be dissin'. I think it's the nuance that you're missing."

Beck added, "Don't worry, that's all I got. Your job (as a rapper) is not in jeopardy."

Bethke's four-minute video rap is a critical look at organized religion, filled with rhymes that differentiate Jesus from the constructs of the church, such as, "I mean, if religion is so great, why has it started so many wars? Why does it build huge churches and fails to feed the poor?" and "I love the church. I love the Bible. And yes, I believe in sin, but if Jesus came to your church, would they actually let him in?"

To see Bethke's full video, click on the video below.

"I was thinking (when I watched the video that) hate is such a strong word, because if you say you hate religion, it means you're also saying you hate all the good that religion does. ... If you dismiss all of religion -- I know that there's a lot of nuance to what you're trying to say. But look at what happened after Joplin, the tornado. Who were the first people on ground? Religious people. Churches. Look at what happened after Haiti, the earthquake. Who were the first relief workers? They were churches. In the name of religion. Same with the tsunami."

"But do you get his point?" co-host Gayle King asked Beck.

"I think the point is he's against hypocrisy in religion," Beck said. "That's what he's against. He's against when religious leaders aren't who they're supposed to be.

Bethke said, "I was trying to get back to essentially the root. I think we've added too many layers."

For more discussion on the intent of Bethke's video and religion, check out the video in the player above.