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Price Those Treasures In Attic

Before you donate all those belongings to the summer garage sale, check out some advice from CBS News Saturday Morning's collectibles expert Tony Hyman, who answers more viewer questions.

Can concert tickets be collectibles? What if they are from the original Woodstock, the granddaddy of rock festivals. For three days in Bethel, N.Y., in 1969, 400,000 people shared music, food, peace, love and mud.

CBS News Saturday Morning cameraman Tim Patryk saved not only his Woodstock tickets but also a program and an advance description of the three-day rock fest.

Because he had a complete set of '69 Woodstock memorabilia, Patryk could get $750 to $1,000, Hyman said. Individual tickets are worth about $75.

To find out more on Woodstock memorabilia, Hyman recommends contacting Cary Demont (email him at He buys anything used or dispensed at the concert such as T-shirts, jackets of the crew, banners with logos, necklaces and signs. He also collects other 1960s and pre-1960 political memorabilia.

Saturday Morning viewer Jackie Smith from Morrisville, N.Y., asked Hyman about an old aviator cap. But it isn't just any old aviator cap.

Smiths grandfather worked at a New York hotel where World War I flying ace Eddie Rickenbacker stayed. Rickenbacker left behind his cap at the hotel. Her grandfather got it and it was eventually passed down to Smith's father.

Hyman's experts said it would be worth $300 to $500; but because of Rikenbacker's prominence in history, it could bring up to $1,500, he said.

For more information on aviation collectibles, Hyman suggests contacting Norm and Bev Smith (email them at norm@aviator* He also recommends Bob Taylor of the Antique Airplane Association ( and Mike Burke, a military memorabilia collector (

Another viewer, Mary Ann Dolan of Ardmore, Penn., has a replica of the famous Hindenburg airship.

Before the 1937 explosion of the Hindenburg, killing 35 people, Dolan's grandfather had been invited to a 1936 party on the Hindenburg for American millionaires. Each passenger was given a replica of the airship.

It was passed down to Dolan's parents and the family's eight children played with the replica over the years.

Hyman said it was worth at least $1,500, according to Art Bink, a blimp and dirigible memorabilia collector ( In 50 years of collecting, Bink had never seen a replica like Dolan's.

For more information on collectibles go to Tony Hyman's Web site.

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