Preview: Deadly Prophecy

A Woman Writes about her Own Death Before she Drowns - was it Murder or a Prophecy Fulfilled?

"I love my family and don't want to leave them but it is heavenly father's will that I leave this mortal sphere to fulfill a mission on the other side of the veil," reads an entry in Faylene Grant's journal.

This mysterious and alarming statement is among the many writings that have swirled around Faylene's death in 2001, when her body was discovered in the bathtub of her home near Phoenix, Ariz. Some believe Faylene was foretelling her own death, but investigators wondered: was her drowning an accident? Was it suicide? Or was it murder?

Faylene was divorced with two children when she met Doug Grant, a 30-year-old divorcee himself and a rising star in the world of nutrition, who counted basketball stars Charles Barkley and Danny Ainge among his celebrity clients. They married four months later, but the relationship between this seemingly happy Mormon couple took an alarming turn as Faylene claimed that God was speaking with her, telling her that Doug, who had cheated on his first wife, was having an affair. Faylene filed for divorce and Doug began seeing his 19-year-old receptionist, Hilary Dewitt.

Doug planned to marry Hilary, when in August 2001, his plans hit a snag. Faylene, claiming God had told her remarry Doug for the sake of their children, wanted to reconcile. On Sept. 24, 2001, the couple visited the Timpanogos National Park in Utah as a celebration of their new beginning. While hiking, Doug says that Faylene thought she had a vision and climbed over a rock wall to get a better look, when she fell off the cliff. Despite the 60-foot drop, she survived and returned home. Three days later, Faylene was found in the tub, her lungs full of water and her blood full of the muscle relaxants and sleeping medication that had been prescribed after her alleged fall.

Faylene's writings seemed to offer clues to her mysterious death. And even more disturbing than the journal entries predicting her own demise, were her letters to Hilary, in which she wrote that she wanted the woman to marry Doug after she died. The letters proved to be prophetic, Doug and Hilary married just weeks later.

Did Faylene's obsession with what she claimed were revelations from God lead her to fall off the cliff? Did she purposely overdose on medication and let herself drown believing it was God's will? Or was she murdered by a husband who wanted to marry another woman?

Correspondent Susan Spencer reports, Saturday, Oct. 31 at 10 p.m. ET/PT.