Pressure Builds In Democratic Race

This story was written by Andrew Cross, The Daily Vidette
Howard Dean's message to Democratic superdelegates was clear - Pick a nominee by the first of July or risk defeat in the general election.

The Democratic Party Chairman hopes a decision is made soon before bickering between Clinton and Obama turns voters away from the Democratic Party.

Of the 795 superdelegates in the Democratic race, more than 300 have not declared their support for either candidate.

Obama voiced his agreement with Dean, saying he also hopes superdelegates will side with a candidate before the June 3 Democratic primaries in Montana and South Dakota.

Hillary Clinton is facing mounting pressure from Democrats who want her to drop out of the race with the purpose of uniting the party before meeting John McCain on the ballot in November.

Clinton has maintained her presence in the race as the Democratic candidates look forward to Pennsylvania, a state where the former first lady is trumping Obama in nearly every poll.

On March 17, while addressing a crowd at George Washington University, Clinton recalled a trip to Bosnia in 1996, when she was the first lady.

She said her group arrived at the airport under sniper fire and was forced to run, with heads down, to the base for cover.

Researching her claim was Michael Dobbs of the Washington Post, who discovered video of the Bosnia landing that told a completely different story.

In the video and accompanying news reports, a smiling Hillary Clinton walked across the tarmac, stopping to greet citizens and even shaking the hand of a small girl.

"She misremembered," Hugh Hewitt, nationally syndicated talk radio host, said. "It happens. Going to Bosnia with or without sniper fire and meeting with troops in the field is in fact a credential."

"Her time in the White House clearly better prepares her to be president than Barack Obama," Hewitt added.

But many disagree, calling Clinton's account of the events a downright lie.

"Senator Clinton was...caught in a bold-faced lie about Bosnia," nationally syndicated talk radio host Michael Gallagher said.

"Clearly, her numerous instances of claiming to be running to the car in Bosnia in order to dodge sniper fire...was a total and complete fabrication," Gallagher said.

Nevertheless, both Democratic candidates continue to inspire voters, bringing in unprecedented amounts of funds for their campaigns.

The Democratic National Convention will be held August 25 to 28 in Denver, Colorado.
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