Press Release Promises Press Will Be Targeted

Anti-war activists are promising to disrupt “business as usual” on Wednesday to mark the fifth anniversary of the war in Iraq. They plan to protest around the “Pillars of War”: “the military, funding, war profiteers, the security state, and the media.”

The IRS and the American Petroleum Institute will come in for the protest treatment, which is being organized under the umbrella of United for Peace and Justice, a major anti-war coalition. Waterboarding demos are promised, along with marches and other efforts that will lead to arrests.

The group’s press release, sent, naturally, to the media, also promises “surprise actions throughout the day [that] will target the media for their complacency in reporting the Bush Administration’s lies to justify the invasion 5 years ago and the continued war and occupation in Iraq.”

The activities, they promise that same media, will make for "[g]reat photo opportunities.”