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President Trump calls ISIS fighters "sneaky, dirty rats"

Speaking about the terrorist group ISIS in an interview Thursday, President Donald Trump called the group’s fighters “sneaky, dirty rats.”

“We have evil that lurks around the corner without the uniforms,” he told Fox News’ Sean Hannity, in an interview set to air Thursday night. “Ours is harder because the people we’re going against they don’t wear uniforms. They’re sneaky, dirty rats and they blow people up in a shopping center and they blow people up in a church.”

Mr. Trump’s rhetoric about ISIS is nothing new: he made combating the group a central promise of his campaign, even saying at one point that he would “bomb the hell out of ISIS.”

The comments come shortly before Mr. Trump is expected to sign an executive order restricting immigration from several Muslim-heavy countries, a move that could come as early as Friday.

“These are bad people,” he continued in the Thursday interview. “When you’re fighting Germany and they had their uniforms, and Japan and they had their uniforms and they had their flags on the plane, and the whole thing. We are fighting sneaky rats right now that are sick and demented. And we’re going to win.”

Trump also doubled down on statements he made to ABC News on Wednesday, repeating his argument that waterboarding “absolutely” works and says opposition to it “seems so foolish and so naive.” 

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