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President Obama On "Face The Nation" Sunday

(AP Photo)
CBS News' Bob Schieffer will interview President Obama on Face the Nation This Sunday.

After a whirlwind month of selling his stimulus and budget plans and his announcement on Afghanistan Friday, the president leaves for a week in Europe for the G-20 Summit and NATO Summit on Tuesday.

"We're fortunate that the president has agreed to do an interview this Sunday," Bob Schieffer told before giving some hints on his questioning.

"The economic crisis continues to dominate the news, but there are so many other issues which are getting less attention," he explained, noting Afghanistan and Iraq. "We'll ask the president to weigh in on those issues he has not discussed as much in addition to the economy."

Schieffer has interviewed every sitting president since Nixon and serves as the moderator of 'Face The Nation' and CBS' Chief Washington Correspondent. Check your local listings to find out when and where "Face the Nation" airs in your area Sunday morning.

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