President Obama on 60 Minutes from 2007-2012

Key moments with President Barack Obama on 60 Minutes throughout his first campaign for president and first term in the White House.

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In the video above, 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft begins his first of many interviews with then-Senator Barack Obama in 2007. Kroft joined the Obama family in making lunch at their Chicago home, and discussed with then-Democratic senator of Illinois his plan in running for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination.

2008: 60 Minutes interviews Obama and Biden 14:41

In their first interview as running mates, Senator Barack Obama and Senator Joe Biden talk with Steve Kroft in 2008 to discuss the upcoming election. The interview touches on the historic nature of Mr. Obama's nomination, different roles and strategies for the campaign, and running against Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin.

2008: The 44th president, Barack Obama 18:14

In his first post-election interview, President-elect Barack Obama and 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft discuss the economy, the government's $700 billion bank bailout program and Mr. Obama's goals as the nation's next commander in chief. The interview is later joined by future First Lady Michelle Obama, in which the couple speak about transitioning to life in the White House.

2009: Obama on the American health care syste... 13:12

After a year in the White House, President Obama and Steve Kroft reconvene to discuss all things healthcare: passing a comprehensive bill, managing federal funds and garnering public support in an effort to overhaul the American healthcare system. 

2010: Obama says "It's still a work in progre... 25:30

President Obama talks again with 60 Minutes in the Oval Office in November 2010, to discuss some challenges his presidency has faced. 60 Minutes correspondent Steve Kroft presses the president on Democratic losses in 2010 midterm elections, rising levels of unemployment, and the political cost of health care, as the issue widens the gap between Democrats and Republicans. 

2011: Obama on the killing of bin Laden 37:20

In his first interview since authorizing the killing of fugitive terrorist leader Osama bin Laden in Pakistan, President Obama discusses the preparation and execution of the plan, what was going through his mind as he watched it unfold, and the stringent secrecy surrounding the operation. Mr. Obama also discusses the decision to bury bin Laden at sea, as the interview also focuses on the U.S. relationship with Pakistan.