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President Morsi on the U.S. and Egypt: "We are not enemies"

(CBS News) "CBS This Morning" co-host Charlie Rose spoke with Egypt's President Morsi, who is in New York for the meeting of the UN General Assembly. Morsi talked about the current state of the relationship between the U.S. and Egypt.

"It was warm. It was not hot ... It's the same difference between a friendship and being an enemy," Morsi explained.

When prompted, Morsi said "we are not enemies, of course ... for sure, we are friends," but he stopped short of calling Egypt and the U.S. allies.

"The U.S. president said otherwise," he said, laughing, referencing an interview earlier this month in which President Obama said that Egypt was not "either an ally or an enemy."

Morsi explained that defining their relationship is a nuanced issue, saying "This is dependent on the definition of 'ally.' The understanding of an ally as a part of a military alliance, this is not existing right now, but if you by 'ally' a partnership and special diplomatic relationship and cooperation, we are that ally."

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