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President Clinton's Itinerary

Following is President Clinton's itinerary for his nine-day trip to China:

Thursday, June 25: President welcomed by people of Xian at South Gate of Old City; visits village of Xia He; visits site of discovery of the Terra Cotta Warriors outside of Xian. Arrives Beijing and remains overnight.

Friday, June 26: Welcomed in state arrival ceremony by President Jiang Zemin at the Great Hall of the People, on the edge of Tiananmen Square, in Beijing; meets with Jiang and senior officials in the Great Hall of the People. Mr. Clinton and Jiang hold news conference.

Saturday, June 27: State banquet at Great Hall of the People; attends services at Chongwenmen Church.

Sunday, June 28: Visits Forbidden City and Great Wall of China; addresses students and community of Peking University.

Monday, June 29: Arrives in Shanghai, stays overnight. Meets with community leaders from Shanghai area. reports on President Clinton's trip to China
Tuesday, June 30: Mayor of Shanghai hosts reception at Shanghai Museum; Mr. Clinton addresses U.S. business leaders; lunches with young entrepreneurs from Shanghai area.

Wednesday, July 1: Meets with new homeowners, builders, and mortgage bankers. Flies to Guilin; discusses environment with Guilin residents.

Thursday, July 2: Tours the Guilin Peaks along Li River. Visits village of Yangshou. Flies to Hong Kong; addresses business and local leaders of Hong Kong; holds news conference.

Friday, July 3: Departs en route Andrews Air Force Base.

Written by Sandra Sobieraj

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