President Attends Black Church

Bush Lewis church
President Bush was on his feet Sunday, as worshipers at a black church sang "I've got a feeling everything's going to be all right."

Mr. Bush, his wife, Laura, and his parents attended services at a predominantly black church on Capitol Hill. The exuberant congregation sang, clapped and danced for nearly two hours.

Pastor Harold Lewis Senior introduced the Bush family to his parishioners as a pianist played Hail to the Chief. The congregation gave the family two standing ovations.

Lewis misidentified Mr. Bush as the president-elect, prompting an outcry of corrections from his audience. "Did I miss something?" Lewis deadpanned. A worship leader offered a prayer for the president.

Mr. Bush did poorly among black voters in the election and he has been reaching out to them ever since.

As he entered Lincoln Park United Methodist Church, President Bush said he chose it because "it's a good one."

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