Prepare to be mesmerized by ribbitdancer

(CBS) - Oh hey, it's ribbitdancer! He's doing the ribbitdance. You don't know what the ribbitdance is? Me neither! Let's watch.

Okay, now it's all coming together. The ribbitdance. What does it mean? Perhaps ribbitdancer is making a commentary on the vapid state of pop music by interposing a dancing figure over retro visuals and music. Or maybe it's a critique of our society's increasing integration into the digital world. Or maybe it's just an example of the crazy nonsense the internet spits out from time to time.

Have you guys ever noticed how weird the internet can be? It's a pretty weird place. Also, kind of dumb. That 8-bit tune is definitely catchy, though. And now I totally want to play some Cruis'n USA.