Premila Lal, Colo. teen, acccidentally killed by her best friend when prank goes horribly wrong, police say

Premila Lal
Premila Lal

(CBS/AP) LONGMONT, Colo. - Authorities say it appears the shooting death of an 18-year-old woman in Longmont was accidental, after a prank went tragically wrong.

Police were called to a home Friday night, and by the time they arrived, 18-year-old Premila Lal, had been taken to the hospital. Cmdr. Jeff Satur says 21-year-old Nerrek Galley, of Orem, Utah, was arrested "for actions unrelated to the shooting."

Family members told CBS Denver the victim and Galley were best friends and that Lal was hiding in a closet and jumped out to scare Galley, who shot her after being startled.

Satur reportedly said the shooting appeared to be "unintended and extremely tragic."

Although Galley has not been charged in the fatal shooting, he is suspected of child abuse, reckless endangerment and permitting a juvenile to have a firearm. Cmdr. Satur says the man allegedly allowed Lal's 15-year-old brother to have a handgun without the permission of the boy's parents.

The saddened father of victim Premila Lal told the station that he's not angry at Galley and said, " We lost a daughter, so we don't want anybody else to lose their son, you know, especially when it was an accident."

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